Look at how we’ve changed!

This is our last week in Year One and we’ve had a great year!

Look at how the children in 1P have changed since their first day in Year One!

  • Miss Hansell says:

    I can’t believe how fast this year has gone, Alfie has loved every part it from goldilocks to monsters it’s been an amazing year. Thankyou also to year 1 staff for making the move back from two trees an exciting process for the children, thankyou again for such a lovely year, year 1 team 🙂

  • Harry's mum says:

    Beautiful pictures of you all year one! It’s been a fantastic year thank you to all the year one teachers, Harry has loved his time with you all.

  • Vicky Husband says:

    I can’t believe how much the children have changed! This was such a lovely idea, it’s just one of many. Leo has love this year he has been engaged and excited about all the topics you’ve covered. It’s been a very disruptive year with the move to two trees and the move back to Russell Scott but with the help of the year one team the children have taken it in their stride. Thank you.

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