What an amazing year!

Tomorrow is our last day in Year 1. We’ve all worked so hard, learnt so much and really grown up! The Year 1 team are very proud of us!

We hope you have a relaxing and safe summer holiday. Here’s a video to remind us of the fun we’ve had:

Here’s a video which shows how much 1P have grown up this year!

Miss Kingsley was very touched by this amazing acrostic poem written by Phoebe and her mummy! Don’t you think she read it beautifully? It was a very special moment!
Thank you!


  • Sam Phillips says:

    Thank you to you all…Mason has thoroughly enjoyed his time in year 1 from start to finish. We can’t quite believe how quickly it has gone, seems like only yesterday we were putting him on the bus to two trees. Fingers crossed that year 2 is going to be just as much fun as year 1. ;)))

  • Mr Marsland says:

    Wonderful! It is why ‘we’ do it. To see the children so confident and loving to learn is accreditation credit. Great year Yr1. Well done Miss Plant and Miss Kingsley. Proud of you all

  • Hannah Todd says:

    Wow!They have all grown so much! Madison has thoroughly enjoyed year 1 and with Miss Plant’s help, has settled in well. The topics that they have covered were so varied and Maddie seemed to enjoy them all! Thank you so much to all of the year one team! X

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