Can you help me to keep safe online?

Hi Year One,

Your teacher told me that you have been learning about how to keep safe online. Can you comment on this blog post and share your top tip for esafety?


Slimy Steven x

Do monsters live amongst us?

This week in our topic lessons we have been learning about the Loch Ness Monster and where she lives.

We received an email from a monster asking us to use Google to search for images of Nessie. We thought she looked like a dinosaur!


image image





After reading about Nessie and where she lives, we were undecided about whether or not she is real!



We looked at the first photo taken of Nessie. It was made using a toy submarine and a model of Nessie’s head!



We were lucky to receive a message from Nessie herself! She challenged us to find out all about Loch Ness. We could identify some human and physical features that Nessie would see if she popped her head out of the water!

image image  image image


On Thursday morning Year 1 were surprised and amused to discover that someone had left their underpants to dry in our classroom!



We found some information about a family of monsters and matched each owner to their underpants!

image image image image image image






The next morning we received a present! It was a thank you from Slimy Steven. The present was a book. Can you guess which one?


A slimy visitor!

Oh my goodness! There have been some very strange goings on in our playground this week! Yesterday morning we found a pool of green slime and a poorly spelt letter from a monster called Slimy Steven! Luckily, we were able to use our phonic knowledge to decode the letter. Slimy Steven asked us some questions about Denton so we answered them. We were amused and a bit puzzled by his question about underpants! What sort of monsters like shopping for underpants?




Photo-2015-06-09-17-31-31_5584 Photo-2015-06-09-17-32-40_5585

After finding the letter, Miss Kingsley and Miss Plant were curious to find out who had left the slimy puddle, so they asked Mr Ashley to check the playground CCTV cameras. Look at what he found!


It looked like the monster was heading towards Crown Point North, where Miss Zauscinski happened to be shopping on Monday evening! Here’s what she saw…

We then thought of some brilliant adjectives to describe Slimy Steven and created these posters. If you see a green monster or come across a puddle of oozy slime, please let us know!

Photo-2015-06-10-16-57-40_5602 Photo-2015-06-10-16-57-30_5601 Photo-2015-06-10-16-57-23_5600 Photo-2015-06-10-16-57-16_5599 Photo-2015-06-10-16-56-04_5598 Photo-2015-06-10-16-55-57_5597

Monster Day

Dear Parents/Carers,

Here is the letter about our Monster Day on Wednesday 24th June. You should have received it before the half term break.

We are looking forward to it!

monster day letter


All about Apple!

This week we have been fascinated to learn all about the history of Apple devices. We were interested to discover that Apple make devices other than iPads and iPhones. We sequenced Apple’s top 7 inventions from old to new and even received some interesting messages!





Our trip to the MOSI

Last week we visited the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. We had a fantastic time! We watched two amazing shows (one was about the first railway station in Manchester and the other was about the invention of the bicycle)

We visited the Air and Space Hall to look at cars, planes and bikes made in Manchester. We were amazed to learn about 3D printing and now we’d like to invent an iPad with a 3D printing app!

We were very excited to see the MOSI’s collection of old phones after learning about the invention of the phone in our topic lessons.

Watch this video to check out the fun we had!

What was the first phone like and who invented it?

In preparation for next week’s trip to the Museum of Science and Industry, we have been learning about the invention of the phone.

We discussed how phones have changed since the first one was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. We enjoyed sequencing pictures from the first ever phone to the iPhone 6!

sequencing pics

The next day we were excited to receive a message from Alexander Graham Bell himself! He set us a challenge: to find out about how phones have changed since he invented the first one.

We read lots of information about how phones and answered comprehension questions. Do you want to find out about  how phones have changed? Read the information below, or scan the QR code to hear an audio version of the text.

image3 image4 image5 image6 image7 image8 image9 image10 iPhone pic 2



Class Dojo

Dear Parents/Carers,

This week you should have received a letter with details on how to access your child’s Class Dojo points at home.  If you haven’t already signed up, we highly recommend it as it’s a great way of monitoring your child’s behaviour at school. You can even send a message of encouragement  when they are having a good day!

Best wishes and enjoy the long weekend,

Miss Kingsley and Miss Plant


We love reading!

One of our favourite books is Michael Rosen’s ‘Mustard, Custard and Grumble Belly’. Today we read some of our favourites aloud with confidence!